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phoenix hair extensionsPhoenix Hair Extensions is a luxury line of the finest quality 100% human European Remi hair extensions and Russian Virgin Hair Extensions. I will perfectly match each woman’s natural hair color and style. I only use micro rings because it’s the safest and only non-damaging system to achieve the highest possible quality hair extensions.  I will provide an alternative to inexpensive store-bought extensions that become dry and tangled and do not blend with natural textures.

You’re getting a hair extension expert who has seen it all. I’ve installed extensions on thousands of clients in Phoenix and U.K.

If you’ve had a bad experience with hair extensions in the past, it’s likely you’ve had low quality, mass produced Chinese hair which becomes tangled and hard to manage after the first wash.

phoenix hair extensionsNow you can get hair extensions in Phoenix done for as low as $400 including hair!
I’m a certified hair extensionist specializing in the micro ring hair extensions method that allows natural hair growth, fast application, and equally quick non-damaging removal process. There is no glue, sewing or braids involved and there is no damage to your own hair. Micro Ring extensions should last up to three months before needing to be removed, re-installed, or tightened. Visit me at my Phoenix Hair Extension Salon.
The Micro Ring installation and removal system is one of the easiest hair extension systems available on the market. This technique can be done on all types of hair. The rings come in different colors (Black, Dark Brown, Brown, and Blond) of metal and are covered with plastic, which provides a comfortable cushion for your hair. The rings clamp securely in place and will not slip out even during the most challenging of activities. If you bring your hair, I can install it for just $200 Please feel free to call or email me. Why have your hair extensions installed by me? I’m one of the very few hair extension salons that use a stock of hair. Don’t buy your hair from someone else. I will give you a FREE consultation. We choose the color and length, and I install it. No waiting period! Also, I’m using 1 gram strands, when everybody else is using 0.5 gram strands. That’s twice as much, and it makes a big difference in your hair extension thickness.