The Human Hair used in the hair extension industry comes in different qualities. In general, you get what you pay for, the lower the price of your hair extensions the less hair quality you can expect. The highest quality hair has all its cuticle perfectly aligned in the same direction, if not it would lead to matted and tangled hair. The most common type of hair are Chinese, they are available in large quantities on the market and very cheap to buy. However they are very thick and in order to give them finer and softer texture, they expose to very severe treatment to strip the cuticle layer. It’s placed in an acid bath which completely destroys the cuticle. To restore the shine this hair then covered with a silicone layer. It looks beautiful but after a few washes the silicone is removed and the hair mattes, tangles and become dry.

Russian virgin hair is well-known as the best in the world. We offer only the absolute Premium quality handpicked Russian hair. The hair has been collected in the territory of Russia and Ukraine. All hair washed carefully, combed and corresponds to sanitary code. The hair is virgin – which means it has never been colored, permed, tinted or chemically treated in any way. The extension hair can be perfectly matched to your own hair with respect to color, curl, and texture. It can be colored, highlighted, permed, blow-dried, flat ironed straight and curled to create any look you want yet still behave exactly like your natural looking hair.